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Reframing walking

An old friend called the other day to say that he couldn’t find my house. He was driving over to drop off some herbs from his garden but hadn’t been here in a while.

There’s a six-sided corner — one where three streets meet — just a few blocks away. That’s the place where the standard checkerboard arrangement of roads gets distorted and where people seem to get turned around.


Footboard follow-up

Last weekend I followed up with the folks enrolled in THE ARTIFICIAL FLOOR that Feldenkrais Institute of Vienna sponsored. We had already met for a five-day online advanced training last year; we got together again — a month or so later — to review the lesson, address the questions that had come up, refine the participant’s understanding, and create stepping stones for continued learning. 


A precious waste of time

Earlier this week, in the morning An AY a day meeting, we did ON THE CHEEK (Lesson 25). It’s in this lesson that Moshe utters the following sentence: “You have to do this as if you wanted to waste your time,
but waste your time efficiently.


Sweeping changes

Among troubles this year visited upon us, the oak moth returned in hordes. The eggs they lay turned into caterpillars, which devoured the leaves of the coastal scrub oaks in the neighborhood, including the ancient tree in my front yard. These voracious critters then littered the ground and walkways with frass (tiny balls of insect increment) and dead leaf bits.


Walking the walk

Dearest Ruthy -

When I checked my emails this morning, I found several folks had forwarded the email your daughter, Iris, sent out* informing us of the stroke you had last week. 


Skip the lines

It’s a foggy December Saturday in Santa Cruz. The temperature is 56℉/13℃, yet some of the folks in line at my neighborhood Post Office were were wearing shorts. Thankfully, they were all wearing masks.

Whether you are up for braving the line there or queueing up at a store or cash register — or just entering a building at all — or not, getting holiday gifts to those we love is neither simple nor straightforward this year.


An accidental advanced training

When Aliza Stewart, the educational director of the Baltimore Feldenkrais® teacher training, asked me to teach THE ARTIFICIAL FLOOR during my upcoming stint as the guest trainer in the program last October, I was doubly delighted.


Feet first

The other day I was thinking about Kunst Haus Vienna, the art galleries that house many paintings, prints, architectural designs, and other works of the Austrian artist, architect, and ecologist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. He thought the effect of paved roads, sidewalks, floors, and the other flat surfaces we live on was to cut off from nature. Everywhere outside of modern civilization, the ground is uneven, and every step we take provides a rich sensory experience of the earth’s surface. 



I received several skeptical responses to my recent blog about teaching THE ARTIFICIAL FLOOR at Feldenkrais® Institute of Vienna this coming week. In that post, I told you about Austria implementing (another) countrywide lockdown and how that meant we needed to pivot the curriculum for this postgraduate program, which is about a now-classic hands-on Functional Integration® lesson, to an entirely online format. 


To pivot

In the world of technology start-ups to pivot refers to the process of shifting your business strategy when things are not working out the way you’d hoped, either because your initial plans don’t pan out or because that which had been a success isn’t any longer. 

Earlier this year, shelter in place orders and governmental lockdowns required fellow Feldenkrais® teachers and trainers to pivot. Like so many others whose professional lives had been conducted in-person, we found ourselves asking ourselves: 

How do I offer my services in a suddenly changed world? 


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