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Feldenkrais®, Feldenkrais Method®, Functional Integration®, and Awareness Through Movement® are registered service marks; Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher® and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® are certification marks of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America.
"Feldenkrais", "Méthode Feldenkrais", "Prise de Conscience par le Mouvement", "Intégration Fonctionnelle" sont des termes déposés.
I termini "Metodo Feldenkrais", "Conoscersi Attraverso il Movimento", "Consapevolezza Attraverso il Movimento", "Integrazione Funzionale", "Feldenkrais" sono marchi registrati di proprietà dell'AIIMF.
Feldenkrais Method® is the registered trademark in the U.K. of the Feldenkrais Guild UK Ltd., Reg No. 1563759.
Feldenkrais, Gilde lizenzierte/r Feldenkrais-LehrerIn, Feldenkrais-Lehrer FVD, Feldenkrais-Lehrerin FVD, Feldenkrais-Practitioner FVD und FVD sind die registrierten Wortmarken für den FVD Feldenkrais-Verband Deutschland e.V.

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